Screenplay Writing
Still Photography
Lighting Techniques
Audio-Video Editing
Film Appreciation
  •    Screenplay Writing

    A Screenplay is the foundation of most successful films. We demystify story structure and explain how it's relevant to both narrative and documentary projects. Expect to learn about western dramatic structure, "hero's journey" and character archetypes, how to constuct and pace tension, how to balnce action and dialogue, and much more.

  •    Still Photography

    We offer regular Basic and advanced photography fundamentals duing throughtout year, that have been meticulously designed by leading professionals. With its stress on imparting a strong understaning of the fundamants of photography and avoiding short-cuts or gimmicks, we have been creating new benchmarks in visual arts education in Nashik.

  •    Audio-Video Editing

    Learn the art and science of post graduation. You will cover the paper edit, Non linear Editing Software, the ingest , rought cuts, tilting, color correction, and a vast range of editing theories and techniques, including project file organization and non-destructive editing. This modules prepares you to shoot for the edit as you begin t brainstrom the production of your own film.

  •    Cinematography

    Like screenwriting, cinematography required an acute awareness of languag. In our cinemaography module, you will study work of the masters while developing a visual vocabulery all your own. Explore the three main componenets of cinematography - lighting, movement and composition and dive deep into shot tpes, shot continuity , color theory and more.

  •    Lighting Techniques

    Quality lighting is one the most important elements f any professional looking project. ighting contributes considerably to the emotional responces an audience has wating a motio picture. We rounded up ligting tutorials t help you go beyond the basic exposure into the essence of visual storytelling.

  •    Film Appreciation

    The course focuesse on helping the participants to appreciate cinema by understanding its distint language, its narrative complexity and the way film control and stimulate our thughts and feelngs. Through various examples from indian and international cinema, the course will explain how cinema as a visual medium, ngages with us in constructing meaning.

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