एम.व्ही.पी. समाजाचे

के. टी. एच. एम. महाविद्यालय

(के.आर.टी. कला, बी.एच. वाणिज्य, ए.एम. विज्ञान महाविद्यालय.)


K.T.H.M. COLLEGE, Nashik

(K.R.T. Arts, B.H. Commerce and A.M. Science College.)

About the Conference

In the present century, there is a tremendous growth of each and every field of advanced functional materials. Functionalization of materials has attracted more attention in scientific and engineering fields due to the ever increasing demand on materials with improved operating capabilities in many advanced technologies. ICAFM 2018 aimed at promoting research worldwide and publishes basic and advanced research work from all branches of Physical, Chemical and Material sciences.

The advanced chemical and physical aspects of modern materials and the transfer of skills in synthesis, development and analysis of functional materials are the key issues of the ICAFM- 2018. The following topics will be covered in the ICAFM -2018

  • Micro/Nano materials
  • Energy storage materials for new century
  • New materials and systems for energy harvesting
  • Ceramic
  • Carbon based materials
  • Optical, Electronic, Magnetic materials
  • New functional materials
  • Environmental friendly materials
  • New energy materials
  • Biosensors and Biomaterials
  • Semi conducting Materials
  • Smart and intelligent materials
  • Intelligent materials systems
  • Smart and intelligent materials
  • Thin/ Thick films
  • Polymeric materials
  • Sensors
  • Multifunctional Composite materials
  • Hybrid materials for multitask systems
  • Ion liquid and ionic materials
  • Memory materials
  • Composites
  • Materials processing and handling
  • Organic and inorganic materials for photolumiscence and applications
  • Catalysis
  • Green Chemistry
  • Biochemistry
  • Computational Chemistry
  • Computational materials science

Objectives :

  • To present up to current researches and the results in the field of functional materials
  • To provide a platform for the researchers to find global partners for future collaboration.
  • To provides an opportunity for the delegates, researchers and students from all over the world to share their findings, and exchange cutting edge ideas and applications to establish a fruitful research and business relationship with each other.

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